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Connecting art, nature, and education

I am an Ontario-born birder, naturalist, and woman of the outdoors.

My interest in nature began as a love for birds. As a budding ornithologist, I banded birds at my local bird observatory, contributed my sightings to eBird, led public bird walks, photographed birds, and painted wildlife. In 2016, I earned the title of the American Birding Association’s Young Birder of the Year. I went on to study ecology and evolution at the University of Toronto. As a recent graduate, I have moved to western Canada to work at Birds Canada, a non-profit organization. In my position as Communications Officer, I advocate for bird conservation and engage the public in bird watching.

In addition to being a bird conservation advocate, I am an aspiring outdoor educator. I have worked as a wilderness summer camp instructor and enjoy connecting kids to nature. I believe reconnecting to nature and to each other is essential for ensuring a healthy future on earth. My most recent interests include bushcraft, foraging for food, plant medicine, ethical harvesting, bird language, animal tracking, and nature journaling. I will be attending teachers’ college at Queen’s University in Ontario in May 2021.

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